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If you want to find success in real estate investment fast, simply follow the road map successful investors have left for you. This investor jump start package is a great way to learn about pitfalls to avoid buying long distance, what to expect from property management, how to raise bank capital, why Memphis Invest is the top turn-key investment company and why Memphis is the top cash-flow market in the U.S!

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What Sets Memphis Invest Apart


Real Estate Investing Without StressThe best way an investor can prevent stress in their real estate investing portfolio is to be educated about the market they choose to buy investment real estate and the team they choose to help them. We encourage anyone visiting our site to spend some time reading about our family business and really getting to know the city while researching our companies and our process. There are many great opportunities for real estate investors here in Memphis, but there is no need to rush. When you are ready to move forward and are comfortable with our process, we will be here ready to assist. Investing in Memphis real estate is our specialty, but assisting real estate investors with building their portfolio is our passion.


Turn-Key Real Estate CompanyMemphis Invest was founded as a company whose mission was to make real estate investing easier. It really is that simple! Real estate investment should not be complicated and at Memphis Invest, we have designed our company to simplify how real estate investors choose investment properties. Real estate investing companies from around the country visit Memphis Invest on a regular basis to learn how to develop a professional staff, how to build a real estate investment team, how to segment a real estate investing company into the most important departments and most importantly how to constantly analyze and improve. Today, Memphis Invest has helped hundreds of real estate investors with purchasing over 1,500 Memphis Investment Properties and continues to provide property management services to nearly every client that has purchased a property since 2007. Our Customer Service department calls over 600 real estate investors every month to communicate any important news and to ask "what can we do for you?". As our investment property management company grows to over $150 million in investment property value under management, we are constantly striving to remain the Premier Real Estate Investing Company in the country.


Investment ProcessMemphis Invest truly pioneered the turn-key investing process in Memphis, Tennessee and continues to provide top quality real estate investment opportunities as well as the best customer service in the industry. By always working to improve the investment opportunities our company provides the real estate investing community, we have added both protection and transparency. Each is extremely important for all real estate investors, but especially for out of area real estate investors. As we have developed as a company through the years, many real estate investors have come to trust and respect us for our honest opinion and upfront advice. We have also grown as a leader in the real estate investment industry and many companies seek our advice and input as they try to develop similar companies in their city. From designing beginner guides, detailed FAQ's, due diligence presentations, a state of the art CRM, a detailed Scope of Work for every property renovation, dedicated Customer Service team and a property management company that pushes the use of technology and communication for investors, Memphis Invest has earned the reputation as a leader in the passive investment community. It may be called passive real estate investing, but there is nothing passive about making sure that you are up to date with your investment portfolio. We have always sought to set the standard for keeping real estate investors aware and prepared when it comes to their investment properties.

Remember - When you are ready to invest in Memphis real estate, we are ready to help guide the process and make your passive real estate investing experience as stress free as possible.

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Protecting Real Estate Investors

Customer Service in Real Estate

Customer Service – defined as the assistance provided by a company to the clients who buy its products or use its services. At Memphis Invest…Customer Service means so much more!

Real Estate Investing and the words Customer Service Excellence are rarely used in the same sentence. In 2010, Memphis Invest set out to change that attitude and build an award winning customer service team with a plan to WOW our clients!

Starting with the day a client signs a contract for purchase, we look to cover them up with over-the-top and often unexpected service. Weekly customer service calls to our clients and constant updates during and after the process have become our trademark. Our commitment is to reach out to reach out to every client – every month!

Memphis Invest was recognized by author Joe Calloway in his most recent book Be The Best At What Matters Most. In the book Joe recognizes great companies that find ways to succeed in tough markets without taking short cuts. What has been our secret the last few years? Simple. Great Customer Service!

Real Estate Investors expect companies to be accurate with their numbers and projections and to conduct themselves like experts in their markets. They also expect companies to be accessible, transparent and honest in their communication. We set out to hit each and every expectation of our valued clients.

That commitment to excellence in Customer Service has led our company to achieve over 60% of our yearly sales in 20012 and 2013 to existing clients. Existing investors looking to build their portfolios have purchased more than 500 properties in Memphis, Dallas and now Houston!

Today, 71% of Memphis Invest clients purchase additional properties for their portfolios in the first year. 31% of Memphis Invest clients own 3 or more properties. Our goal is to help every real estate investor who works with our company in building a secure, reliable, consistent and transparent investment property portfolio. And the industries Top Customer Service Team and Program is our secret weapon!


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