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 Memphis Invest Culture Book

Our culture book is loaded with pages and pages of pictures and testimonials from events around the country as well as letters from employees, vendors, clients and partners. This is NOT a marketing book.

There is nothing in our Culture Books about the markets themselves or how great the returns can be. No space is wasted trying to convince everyone on why Memphis or Dallas or Houston are the right market for investors.  There is no wasted space tooting the horn of our team.  We do plenty of that elsewhere!

However, there is plenty of material from our team and our clients touting their experience so far with Memphis Invest. Our culture book is all about what we think makes our great company, well...GREAT!


During the 4th Quarter of every year we publish our updated Culture Book!  Each year the book is full of:

- Letters from our employees.
- Pictures from Events around the country.
- Pictures of employees and their families doing what they love to do!
- Letters from clients.
- Letters from Vendors and even Tenants!
- Thank You notes.

Everything that we think makes us special!

Are you going to be in our Culture Book next year?