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Premier Property Management of Memphis was formed in 2009 by the Clothier family to replace the below average property management options for real estate investors buying investment property in Memphis. High quality property management companies providing exceptional customer service simply did not exist. What we found was that many property management companies in Memphis were owned and operated by lifelong real estate professionals and, unfortunately, many had what we considered outdated habits and processes. What was missing was a very inter-active property management company that focused on not just renting a house, but on providing a really great service to real estate investors and an even better experience for the tenant. Starting from the ground up was the best way to ensure real estate investors that their investment properties in Memphis, Tennessee would be managed as if they were buying the property next door! Providing outstanding customer service, seamless accountability and transparent processes are the hallmarks of Premier Property Management and complete client and tenant satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Premier Property Management of Memphis

Our MissionSo you hear a lot on our website about quality and service and accountability as well as transparency. It is important to us as a company that every real estate investor who trusts Premier Property Management Group with the management of their investment property, understands that we take that trust very seriously. We absolutely want every investor to have a secure feeling each night they go to bed that their decision to invest in Memphis real estate was a solid and sound decision. To that end, we have dedicated ourselves to constantly updating and publishing data that we fell clearly demonstrates how well our company is performing for real estate investors around the world. We will soon be managing over a quarter of a Billion dollars ($250 Million) in real estate investment value for our clients and providing the most exceptional service experience possible to them is of the utmost importance to our entire team.

Growth of Premier Property Management
Company of Memphis 2012

Premier Property Management - 2012 Growth

We take pride in offering a 2-year lease to each qualified tenant, tracking the rise of rents across the city and more importantly being able to provide such a quality rental experience for the tenant that they choose to renew and extend their lease. Here are two graphs showing the number of leases each month as well as the number of leases that were for two years and how many leases were above the average rental rate in that zip code. The second graph shows how many properties were due to move out in that month and how many signed a lease extension:

Rented by Month

Lease Extensions and Move Outs

Here is our vacancy report by month over dating back to January 1, 2012. You can clearly see the ebb and flow of vacancy and we fully expect that ebb and flow to follow the same path this year. We experience heavy rental volume each Spring and Fall while vacancies tend to spike during the summer moving months.

Vacancy Rate

Premier Property Management Company is all about providing a great management service to real estate investors that are looking for an uncommon experience. From monthly phone calls to every investor, online access to accounting books, fast friendly service and a commitment to providing great tenant services so your property stays occupied longer, these are the services and commitments that set us apart from the traditional property management service provided by lifelong real estate professionals. Sometimes, it takes a new view to provide something truly different!


  • Full Service Property Management Full Service Property Management
  • Full Service Property Management 24/7 Online account access
  • Full Service Property Management Family Owned & Operated - Licensed in the State of Tennessee
  • Full Service Property Management Direct Deposit for Owners - Credit Card acceptance for Tenants
  • Full Service Property Management Account Draft acceptance for Tenants
  • Full Service Property Management Dedicated Customer Service with Monthly Calls to Owners
  • Full Service Property Management Reduced deferred maintenance costs
  • Full Service Property Management Timely rent increases as market changes
  • Full Service Property Management Free Financial Education offered for Tenants



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