Memphis - A Great Real Estate Investment City

I couldn't have done it without you! So excited to have my first 2 rental properties!

Now I really have to get my rehab business going and make use of the FindMotivatedSellersNow site. 

Hi Traci, 

Wow, that's really cool to look at and compare! Thank you! You guys are the best at this!


Thank you Cyndy! 

That is wonderful news.  I pray all the people renting them will have stability for a long time. 

May the Lord grant you many blessings in this new year. 


Hello Cyndy, 

I wanted to say Happy New Year and let you know that everything is going great! 

We are really pleased with our new tenants and with the way everything was handled by you guys during the turn over of the property. 

I hope you had a nice Holiday! 



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