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Real turnkey real estate investors share how they became the true heroes of their passive investment portfolio's success!


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Pioneering the Turnkey Real Estate Process


Memphis Invest truly pioneered the turnkey investing process. A dedication to excellence, a willingness to learn everyday and open and honest communication are the integral ingredients to our success. Each is extremely important for all real estate investors, but especially for passive, turnkey real estate investors.

As Memphis Invest has grown, we can see how a dedication to providing fundamentally sound investment properties with devotion to high-quality renovations, excellent property management and top-tier customer service has made the difference. Our commitment to excellence has built a strong relationship with our clients as we continuously adapt our services to meet the Investor’s needs. What are those needs? Real estate investors must have access to up-to-date information, transparent processes and consistent communication. Every real estate investor should feel comfortable knowing that the company they’re working with has their best interests in mind. 

We’ve been quite successful in providing this over-the-top experience for our clients. What’s our secret? Our unwavering integrity and applying the principle of “Do what you say you’re going to do”. 

Today, Memphis Invest is considered by our peers to be the Gold Standard in the turnkey real estate industry. As a leader in the industry, we host other turnkey companies in our offices to show how our company was built and the level that they have to perform if they want to be considered a great turnkey real estate company. We look forward to continued growth and raising the bar higher while providing a great experience for real estate investors. At Memphis Invest, our goal is for every investor to have a level of comfort as if they were investing in a home next door.


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Each year, Memphis Invest assists real estate investors with the purchase of more than 600 investment properties in some of America’s top investment cities. Providing experience and insight, we help investors find the right markets for them to build their passive investment portfolios.


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"After 30 years of working with some of the best companies and organizations in the world, it takes a lot to impress me. This company that started in Memphis, Tennessee, absolutely knocks my socks off."

Joe Calloway

Business Author, Consultant & Speaker


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