Memphis Invest And Bigger Pockets:
Two Real Estate Originals
Partnering Together to Bring You
the BEST in Real Estate Education

Memphis Invest is happy to welcome the Bigger Pockets community of real estate investors to our site! We've been a contributing member on Bigger Pockets for over 9 years, and have absolutely loved being involved in the ever-growing and evolving real estate community.

If you're a real estate investor and looking for passive, turnkey investing, you've come to the right place! Memphis Invest has over 15 years of experience and currently manages more than 5,000 properties in 6 different markets. With our clients, we've built a $650 million portfolio, becoming one of the largest turnkey companies in the US.

We've created a turnkey real estate guide just for Bigger Pockets podcast listeners! This easy, downloadable guide will give you everything you need to know about real estate investing.

In addition to this turnkey real estate guide, I'll be sending you additional resources via email over the next few weeks, including:

  • 11 Mistakes Avoid as an Investor
  • The Truth About Turnkey Real Estate
  • The 5 Best Turnkey Real Estate Investing Tips I Have Ever Given
  • 13 Books on Real Estate Investing & the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • An In-Depth, Side-by-Side Analysis on 3 Great Real Estate Investing Markets
  • Experience Matters Podcast: My Entrepreneurial Journey

The money spent to learn these lessons easily exceeds several thousands of dollars. We could charge for this and people would gladly pay for it. But we're making this training available to Bigger Pockets listeners for FREE!

All you have to do: fill out the form on this page, and we'll email you a link to the book. From videos to podcast episodes and blog posts, Memphis Invest has a variety of information that will help real estate investors succeed in growing their portfolios. So be checking your email inbox and we can't wait to help you on your investing journey!

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