I have to admit that when I first heard about your process, I was skeptical. Would and could a company actually do everything that you promised? You set the bar high for yourself, and I thought that it would be difficult to reach your goals. You have far exceeded what was promised. When people ask me what I do in real estate and I explain that I have “people” that help me purchase rental property, rehab the property, locate tenants and manage the property for me, most people don’t believe me. You have shown me the missing link in the process and made the outlook for my future brighter.
Brian Douglas, Memphis, Tennessee

I closed on Birch Run about an hour ago. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help
. You probably know this but, in my opinion your product is not what makes me want to do business with you, it’s the service you provide and the value in those services I perceive. I’m a fan of straight talk and I appreciate you taking that approach with Lisa and me.
Paul B. Berryhill

I purchased 4 properties from you over the course of about a year
. Your company did everything they promised and then some. I remember on one of the houses, we had some issues which resulted in the cost being more than your original estimate, and Chris did not hesitate to write me a check to make up the difference. I have also been very pleased with the management provided by Premier, your management company. Any time an issue comes up with a tenant or repair, it is addressed immediately, and I am informed of what was done to resolve the problem. You truly have a “turn-key” system, and I have no worries. I plan to buy additional houses in the future.
Jeff Charlton, Chesterfield, Missouri 

Kristi and I sat down this morning and I brought her up to speed on our rental houses. Currently, we have 27 houses and with all rented we have $18,900 in gross income. We have 15 houses paid off and the others will be paid off in 23 months! I’m 44 yrs old and I’ve already scheduled my airline retirement in December 2017. Five more years! This would not have been possible without YOU AND YOUR team’s help.
Brian Rowan, Memphis, Tennessee 

Just a note to thank you and your team for the past two years. In that time, we have worked together to build my real estate portfolio. The opportunities in today’s real estate market are unlimited. As you know my busy schedule does not afford me time to actively go out and search for investment properties, much less manage them, so I simply sat on the sidelines and watched. However, working with your team, we have built a real estate portfolio of eight homes, and I am currently looking at adding more. This portfolio has added real income to my household and will continue on into retirement. Your team provides a complete turnkey system for investor ownership without the headaches. Working with your team is simple. Once I decided on a home, your team went into action. The average turn around on the rehabs was less than 30 days, some as early as 15. That is amazing! That combined with easy financing and excellent customer service your team has exceeded expectation. People I talk with about this opportunity question the fact that I have purchased these investment properties sight unseen. While it is true that I have never seen any of the eight properties, I know what the Memphis Invest team brings to the table. Trust, integrity, strong work ethic, and the area knowledge are just some of the reasons your team puts together a real estate portfolio that provides positive cash flow each and every month. In addition, your property management team takes over from there eliminating any of the day to day issues that can arise from owning investment property. That is why it is a complete system. It is a privilege and honor for me to say I am partnered with Memphis Invest! Thanks for all you do.
Sincerely, Steve Hardee, Hurst, Texas 

We would like to thank you so much for taking care of this. We really appreciate all of your help over the past few months. Being that this is all new for us, it's nice to know that we have you helping us along the way.

We just received a beautiful gift basket from Memphis Invest with Tennessee barbecue ingredients. Thank you so much! That is wonderful customer service that seems to be absent from most business transactions these days! Thank you for your follow up calls and connecting me with the right people at Memphis Invest. So far, everything seems to be going well!
Sue Friedland 


My name is Kevin Harris-Lowe, and we met last Thursday while I was visiting in Memphis to invest in property. I am writing to inform you of how impressed I was with your business. Marq Cobb was exceptionally professional. His knowledge of Memphis was impressive, and his love for his city and desire to make me feel at home was appreciated. Chris Clothier spent some time with me and explained many of the details of your business, and I am confident enough with his outline and with Nate’s numbers that I have already spoken with my financial advisor here in Hong Kong and recommended your company to him. Thanks again for your hospitality, and that of your entire office. I look forward to doing some business with Marq and your company in the near future. 
Sincerely, Kevin 

I wanted to thank you and your associates for the easiest real estate purchasing process

I have ever experienced. Your company is truly a one-stop shop for real estate investors looking to invest in the greater Memphis area. Your company has put together a great network of real estate professionals to create an efficient means for investors to acquire, rehab, and manage real estate. I wanted to give a very special thanks to your team. They were all professional, courteous and did an outstanding job. I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future. 
Patrick Taylor, Los Angeles, California 

When I got back from my trip to visit you, people started asking where I had gone and what I was doing. I am sure my excitement showed on my face and in my voice as I started to tell people about your company. The reason that I am sure is that 4 of my friends have already purchased their first houses in Memphis and others are watching thinking it is too good to be true. (I try to assure them that it is not too good to be true.
Your company is the real deal.) I am sure some of them will be buying in the future. I have now purchased 4 houses in 4 months and I am in the process of buying my 5th house in my 5th month. The 4 houses that I have already purchased are all refinanced with permanent financing and have all been rented within 1 week of the rehab being complete. It is a pleasure to see that there are still honest people like you in the world.
Roy Stroud, Hopewell Junction, New York

Thanks for taking the afternoon to show me through your entire operation. It is obviously a very well enjoyed system which benefits all the players on both sides. Thank you for treating me to BBQ at Corkey’s and for getting me answers to all my questions. I will look for your into which 2 homes would be best for me to acquire to start with based on my criteria and need as to various areas. It’s a good life! 

Thank you so much!!!! Memphis Invest and Premier Properties has demonstrated such a wonderful job managing our properties. It is simply blissful not having to worry about tenants, repairs, etc. We love how you keep us informed in a very timely manner as to what was needed at any point of time. You and your company sure have property management down to a science. I look forward to having you all continue managing our properties. And, of course, I will not hesitate to tell anyone I know to contact you when they think of investing in residential real estate. 
Enjoy life, Reggie Starr

I have been investing with Memphisinvest.com for 2 years and I feel compelled to write you and to acknowledge what an outstanding individual you have working in your organization. From the first day I was contacted by Marq Cobb, he gave me a sense that I was in good hands and has never let me down since. It was a very nervous time for me as a new investor. It was not an easy decision to make. I put my trust in a complete stranger and made a sizable investment in a company that I was not familiar with except for my due diligence. Since then, Marq has continued to be very upfront and honest about every aspect and step of the process. He has always made himself accessible, anytime of the day or night. Marq is all about servicing the client and is an excellent representative of your company. He is a man of integrity and is an asset to your organization. 

Joe Adammo, New York City, New York