The #1 Customer Service Team In Real Estate!

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The words "real estate investing" and "customer service excellence" are rarely used in the same sentence. In 2010, Memphis Invest set out to change that and to build an award-winning customer service team with a plan to WOW our clients!

It's All About Our Clients

Starting with the day a client signs a contract for purchase, we commit to giving them over-the-top and unexpected service. Weekly customer service calls and constant updates during and after the process have become our trademark. Our commitment is to reach out to reach out to each client every month!

Memphis Invest was recognized by author Joe Calloway in his most recent book, Be The Best At What Matters Most. In the book, Joe recognizes great companies that find ways to succeed in tough markets without taking shortcuts. What has been our secret the last few years? Simple. Great Customer Service!

Real estate investors expect companies to be accurate with their numbers and projections and to conduct themselves like experts in their markets. They also expect companies to be accessible, transparent and honest in their communication. We set out to hit each and every expectation of our valued clients.

Unfortunately, the bar has been set so low by others in the industry that real estate investors have come to expect poor service and poor communication. Memphis Invest has been on a mission since 2010 to educate real estate investors on how good an investment experience can be and how high they should set their expectations of property management companies.

Our commitment to excellent customer service has led us to achieve over 60% of our yearly sales since 2012 to existing clients. Existing investors looking to build their portfolios have purchased more than 2,000 additional properties in Memphis, Dallas and Houston!

Today, 71% of Memphis Invest clients purchase additional properties for their portfolios in the first year. 31% of Memphis Invest clients own three or more properties. Our goal is to help each of our real estate investors to build a secure, reliable, consistent and transparent investment property portfolio.


 The industry's Top Customer Service Team and Program 

 is our secret weapon for investor satisfaction!