Kent Clothier, Sr., founder and senior partnerKENT CLOTHIER, SR.

Founder & Senior Partner

Kent Clothier, Sr. brings more than three decades of real estate and entrepreneurial experience to the clients of Memphis Invest. He set the foundation for what would later become Memphis Invest in 2004 after years of successfully purchasing and managing residential real estate on a personal level.

In 2007, Memphis Invest was formally introduced to the world and the company has since grown into a multi-generational family-owned business that provides real estate investment opportunities in the Memphis, Dallas and Houston markets. Under Kent's leadership, the small leadership team put in place in 2007 still operates every facet of the daily operations.  

Before his career in real estate, Kent started out in the supermarket industry in the Dallas area, managing a billion-dollar supermarket operation by the young age of 32. Kent brought his expertise in the grocery industry with him to Memphis and began American Wholesale Grocers in 1987. By 1995, he built the enterprise into a $50-million venture, which he sold in the late 1990s before pursuing his passion for real estate and establishing Memphis Invest.


Brett Clothier, PartnerBRETT CLOTHIER



Brett Clothier serves as a partner at Memphis Invest where he oversees financial reporting and activities as well as day-to-day operations. With his father, Kent, as a mentor, he began investing in residential real estate while pursuing his real estate degree from the University of Mississippi.

Upon graduation, he joined the family-owned company and helped recruit several of the key players who today hold leadership positions throughout the company. Brett improved the tracking and metrics used by Memphis Invest to monitor the acquisition strategy and to lower costs for the company and clients. Brett is instrumental in the day-to-day operations and the financial decision-making within the company.


Chris Clothier, partnerCHRIS CLOTHIER


Chris Clothier manages the development and implementation of sales and marketing processes for Memphis Invest. Chris serves as the external voice for the company, working with the team to help potential investors define their purpose for investing in real estate and educating peer companies on best practices in the emerging turnkey real estate industry.

Chris is an experienced real estate speaker and addresses small and large audiences of real estate investors and business professionals nationwide several times each year. Chris is also a contributing columnist for BiggerPockets, the nation's leading real estate educational forum. He also oversees the weekly publication of the Memphis Invest Weekly Article Roundup.


Kent Clothier, Jr.KENT CLOTHIER, JR.

Kent is the Founder and CEO of REI Marketing, LLC, a multi-faceted real estate education and marketing company based in Boca Raton, FL. The team at REI Marketing, LLC is responsible for the development and operation of several of the industry's most popular brands and tools, including the vanity number 1-800-Sell-Now, Find Motivated Sellers Now, and Find Private Money Lenders Now. These same tools have greatly contributed to the success of Memphis Invest, GP.

Kent has been instrumental in the development of the systems and processes that Memphis Invest and Premier Property Management have used to grow into the #1 real estate investment and property management firm in the nation.