About PPMG Texas

Experienced Property Management

PPMG of Texas is a key component to successful property investment in Dallas and Houston. The Clothier family established PPMG of Texas as an answer to the below average management options and to address a major problem for out-of-area real estate investors who rely on good property management to make their investment a successful one. If the management was not reliable, then the investment was sure to fail.

Today, PPMG of Texas uses custom- built technology to manage systems and processes that have been developed to assist real estate investors with a safe, reliable and consistent managed asset. Managing over 500 properties in Dallas and Houston and growing by 25+ properties per month, PPMG of Texas manages a very tight process and publishes performance numbers regularly.

Dallas Market Ready For New Property Management 

What we have found in the Dallas metroplex is an
environment where old ideas shaped the way property management performed.  The more people we talked to, the more we heard about quick turnover, short contracts and upward mobility renters always looking to move.  What we found from those companies were sub-par renovations and a lack of great tenant communication and service.  We set out to prove that the Dallas market could perform as well if not better than the Memphis renter market.

Today, 80% of our lease contracts with tenants are two-year lease with rent escalators in the 2nd-year where possible and we are already having great success at lease renewals.  We anticipate having 500+ properties under management by the end of 2014 and would like to see our average length of occupancy at over 3 years.  Providing high-quality, renovated single-family homes and great communication as well as customer service, we feel each of these goals is possible.  Providing outstanding customer service, seamless accountability and transparent processes are the hallmarks of Premier Property Management and complete client and tenant satisfaction is our #1 priority.

PPMG of Texas  PPMG-Texas-Office-500

So you hear a lot on our website about quality and service and accountability as well as transparency. PPMG of Texas is the name of our property management company that will operate in both Dallas and Houston as well as other Texas cities later this year.  It is important to us as a company that every real estate investor who trusts Premier Property Management Group with the management of their investment property, understands that we take that trust very seriously. We absolutely want every investor to have a secure feeling each night they go to bed that their decision to invest in Dallas real estate was a solid and sound decision.  We are managing over a quarter of a Billion dollars ($250 Million) in real estate investment value for our clients and providing the most exceptional service experience possible to them is of the utmost importance to our entire team.

Trust Your Investment To A Great Team!

Premier Property Management Company is all about providing a great management service to real estate investors that are looking for an uncommon experience. From monthly phone calls to every investor, online access to accounting books, fast friendly service and a commitment to providing great tenant services so your property stays occupied longer, these are the services and commitments that set us apart from the traditional property management service provided by lifelong real estate professionals. Sometimes, it takes a new view to provide something truly different!