Fastest-Growing Metroplex

The Dallas-Fort Worth area's population has grown by nearly 1.3 million from 2000-2009. That's more than any other metropolitan area in the United States. The DFW Metroplex MSA is the largest metropolitan area in Texas, the largest in the South and the fourth-largest in the United States. That incredible growth is forecast to continue as Data Centers and Water Boards are expecting another 4 million people to be added to the Metroplex in the next 25 years. A demographer at the Brookings Institution attributes the population growth to a more diversified economy in Texas and more conservative lending practices during the real estate boom. No matter how you look at it, the DFW Metroplex is an exciting area with major job growth, population growth and a greater demand for housing! 


According to the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics, Dallas job growth is twice the national average. An educated populace and a cost of living below the national average make Dallas enticing to companies seeking a lower cost but highly qualified workforce. As the workforce grows, Dallas-Fort Worth will remain an attractive city for real estate investors. 

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Economic Strength ~ Real Estate Investing Stability

As you can read, we put a big emphasis on the economic outlook for markets before starting to invest in single-family homes.  We want to invest in markets where the economic outlook and environment are strong. Population growth, job growth, demand for new jobs and demand for housing are all economic factors tied to the future success of any real estate investment.  

Before picking an investment market, we advise possibleUltimate Guide to Remote Real Estate Investing.png investors to research a market first.  If the economic fundamentals for a good, strong future economy are in place, then a real estate investor can confidently move forward.  Investors would be hard pressed to find as good a market as the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas market. 

Dallas Real Estate Market Continues Hot Streak

We provide properties for real estate investors across the metroplex that typically cost around $160,000. That is well below the median price point in the Metroplex.  Our Dallas sales have continued strong since first entering the market in 2012 and North Texas home sales have improved as well.  Home sales are setting records each month for both numbers and price. Sales prices are up 14% year over year and the median price point has eclipsed $200,000.

National surveys show that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is experiencing the largest annual home price gains in the country making it the #1 market for real estate investors looking for market with a mix of low, yet appreciating 


price points.  Prices here are rising at about three times the long-term average rate of residential appreciation for the area.  Much of this price pressure is due to the higher price points and above average price point neighborhoods, but the lower price points, which Memphis Invest purchases in Dallas, have appreciated at a more stable level.  

North Texas home prices have shot up by more than 40 percent during the last five years thanks to record economic growth in the region and a historic shortage of properties to purchase.