Where Businesses Shine and Industry Thrives

One of the biggest advantages to the Memphis market is its growing economy. Home to an expanding list of Fortune 500 companies and nationally lauded institutions, Memphis is known as one of the best places to own and operate businesses big and small.

Among some of the big-name companies that call Memphis home and employ thousands, are:

  • Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
  • AutoZone
  • FedEx
  • University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Smith & Nephew
  • First Horizon National Corporation
  • International Paper

Memphis boasts an affordable cost of living and that of owning and operating a business, which attracts growth. Memphis has been named both the best city for black entrepreneurs and one of the best cities in the country for female founders. It’s a market vibrant with diversity both of people and businesses, an aspect that strengthens its economic base.

With job creation at an all-time high in Memphis, outpacing the 10-year annualized job growth rate of 51 major metropolitan areas, it’s clear that the city with soul is moving in the right direction.

The Distribution Hub of the States

Memphis also serves as a major transportation and distribution nexus for the country. With two major interstates, two major rail lines, and Mississippi River access, Memphis has long been one of the most cost-effective and reliable locations for distribution and logistics jobs.

With the addition of the country’s largest cargo and freight airport in the world, the amount of freight moving through Memphis is unmatched. More markets can be reached overnight by way of Memphis than any other in the world.

The Sights and Sounds of Memphis

Memphis isn’t just an industrial hub—in fact, if you know Memphis, it’s probably for its rich history of music, art, and soul food. This is the home of the blues, Elvis Presley’s Graceland, B.B King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and countless other legends from the past and present alike.

This history is most apparent on the famous Beale Street, an iconic location in blues history. Today, it’s home to museums, music festivals, and some of the best barbecue the city has to offer.

Tourism is flourishing in Memphis as the city continues to gain accolades as one of the best tourist destinations not only in the region but in the country. This has lead to an increasing number of local events, new businesses, downtown expansion and an overall sense of revitalization that has given the city new life, energy, and pride.

Why Should I Invest in Memphis Real Estate?

Memphis boasts some 1.3 million residents, ranking 25th in U.S. city population. With 52.5 percent renters in Memphis, there is significant demand for rental properties. As the population grows thanks to job growth and the subsequent opportunities created by a vibrant economy, so will this demand.

When we look at the affordability of the market, we see one of Memphis’ biggest attractional qualities for investors. With home prices appreciating at a steady rate, we’re seeing a market that is growing, steady, and most importantly, sustainable.

Forbes named Memphis among the best cities for real estate investment in 2019, citing its 6% price growth but overall affordability that makes buying single-family homes the best bet.

This alone is exciting enough for one’s prospects investing in Memphis. Combine it with Memphis Invest’s unmatched attention to detail, experience, and expertise, and our real estate investors have tools they need to achieve real long-term financial security in a world-class investment market.